The story of the company dates back to 1997, when “Sante GMT Products” LTD replaced the Tbilisi dairy. “Sante GMT Products” LTD member of the multi-sectoral “GMT Group” is the market leader in terms of milk and dairy product production. High quality products, flexible and competent management, reliable, high profile partners and decent investors have secured an invariably key position of “Sante GMT Products” LTD.

Meeting the customers’ requirements in the best way possible and diversification of its stock is the top priority, so the customers of about 100 “Sante GMT” products can always find something to their taste both in terms of products and packaging.

Nowadays, there are 4 brands in the Company portfolio: a line of traditional “Sante” dairy products, “Santino” premium line of products manufactured from the milk delivered from the mountainous regions, tasty and wholesome “Santissimo” milk desserts and, finally, the traditional, packaged and processed “Sanebo” cheeses.